Saturday, October 24, 2009

FIAC, Paris, 23rd October

Gallery Almine Rech.

Gallery Yvon Lambert.

Artist Philippe Decrauzat and Xavier Franceschi, director of Le Plateau.

Curator and art critic Nicolas Bourriaud.

Artist Dominique Petitgand.

Art director Erna Hecey.

"High Score" by Su-Mei Tse.

Art dealer Loïc Bénétière of Bernard Ceysson gallery.

Artist Andrew Margolies Mezvinsky, curator Carola Annoni di Gussola and artist Marco Godinho.

Jo Kox, administrative director of Casino Luxembourg.

Gallery director Frederic Giroux and Clément Minighetti, head of the cultural departments and curator at Mudam.

Artist Max Mertens and journalist Isabelle Debuchy (Luxembourg Féminin).

Actress Laure Roldan and artist Marco Godinho.

Photographer Joaquim Valente, art critic Karolina Markiewicz and art dealer Maria Rebelo.

Kevin Muhlen, art director of Casino Luxembourg.

Artist Claudia Passeri.

Artist Filip Markiewicz.

Artist Laura Mannelli and Valérie Quilez, reponsible for the cultural mission of Luxembourg in Paris.

Painter Christian Frantzen.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mudam, Openings 9th October: Claire Barclay, Didier Marcel, Tomas Saraceno, Olivier Foulon, Wolfgang Träger, Go East II

Anna Loporcaro, head of events.

Véronique De Alzua, chief registrar at Mudam.

Artist Nedko Solakov.


Enrico Lunghi, director of Mudam.

Valérie Conrot, head of the communication department.

Christophe Gallois, curator and head of programmation.

Photographer Andres Lejona.

Valerio D'Alimonte, press officer.

Clément Minighetti, head of the cultural departments and curator.

Marie-Noëlle Farcy, curator and head of the collection.

Octobre Rouge, Opening 8th October

Photographer Luc Deflorenne.

Politician Xavier Bettel.

Photographers Sébastien Cuvelier and Gilles Rod.

Michèle Walerich, curator, reponsible for exhibitions at Centre national de l'audiovisuel, and artist Claudia Passeri.

Delphine François.

Photographers Marc Wilwert and Christophe Olinger.